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 In Home 1 on 1 Tutoring Description
At Kiwi PC Help, we specialize in people who want to learn how to use a computer but for one reason or another haven’t been able to manage thus far.

We have had clients who have just been too busy in a non-technical job to pick up the skills. We have
clients who have simply just been too technophobic.

  • We have had clients who have never seen the point, but who are being pestered by others to learn and
    join them online.
  • We have had clients who have had trouble learning due to special needs or even a learning disability.
  • We have had clients just like you and an impressive track record of success when all else has failed

Does that seem like you?
What they all have in common is the look we get to see on their face
when they succeed.

We are more than happy to let you be the boss and just watch you and
help, after all, you’re the boss. That being said, we find it’s more productive
(and therefore a better service and value for you) if we try and set some

Although your results can and will  vary, if this reflects what you’d like to learn, we have found most
people get the best results by trying as much as possible to stick to a Lesson Plan. We will ALWAYS be aware of how you are feeling and recognize that we will need to slow down or speed up along the way. We know that different people learn different ways. Some are more verbal. Some are more visual. Some prefer text. Some enjoy and need some theory and points of nterest. Some just want to cut to the chase and learn the steps to accomplish a finite list of tasks on their computer. We pride ourselves in delivering to each and every client, whatever they need, as unique individuals, in order get results.

Group Seminars

– Introduction to computing for seniors
– Your computer and how to work with it
– Surfing the internet and emails
– Basic documents and formatting
– Organizing your life with  Outlook

Technical Services

– New Computer and Printer with Internet setup and configuration
– Installation  or re-installation of the windows operating system
– Installation or re-installation of the Microsoft Office Suite
– Installation and configuration on security software
– Installation of Printer, Scanner, Fax, or other Peripherals
– Installation of CD or DVD Drives
– Installation of Second Hard Drive
– Installation of First Hard Drive
– Upgrade of RAM Memory
– Regular Maintenance and tuneup