Here’s a not-so-happy thought: You need to learn the essentials of your computer, or how to drill into my pictures to find that photo, somewhere. I’m sure that document is somewhere. The more powerful your computer becomes, and the more essential it becomes to every part of your life, the more dreary it is to learn. There may be no phrase more dreaded by overstressed people than “I’m from the training company, and I’m here to teach you.”

So what’s the secret to KiwiPCHelp? According to Andray Ochkas, who founded KiwiPCHelp in 2009, IT training isn’t about technology — it’s about people. “We base everything we do on the learner, not on manuals,” declares Andray. “In most IT training, a trainer spends 90% of the time telling and showing. We believe that you need to have empathy for every person. People learn best when they feel good about themselves, when they’re relaxed, and when they’re involved in what they’re learning.”


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