1. Why Kiwi PC Help?

  • Patient, respectful, reliable,
    results-oriented tutoring right in your own home on your own computer!
  • We SPECIALIZE in Seniors, Gray Power Members and other Beginners! Adults may be slower to pick up new things than kids with young minds built to pick up languages like sponges, but we find that’s because as they go, adults are taking time along the way to compare what they’re learning into what they already know to see if and how it fits. As a result, older adults don’t learn things slower, they learn them deeper. And that’s how we teach. By focusing on understanding, not memorizing.
  • We’re so confident you’ll learn with us, on request our first 30 minute introductory lesson is always free (or maybe a small coffee.) so everyone can afford to try us out. Just ask. Unfortunately though, we can’t combine more than one of our value offers.
  • We offer $45 package pricing for blocks of lessons as well as our 55 single-hour rate for those who need just a one-hour refresher or Q & A lesson.
  • Current and past clients get “owner-only” personal service unless you say otherwise. You get your very own Personal IT Coach. We have instructors to meet every need.
  • We not only allow but encourage note-taking during your lesson so you only need to be shown each thing you’d like to do once, saving you money and allowing you always reference later what you’ve learned. (sometimes we even take the notes for you)
  • We are very local and only cover the Paraparaumu area and are a green company where pactical, we either walk or cycle to you your place.