2. Why do I want to learn, how to use a computer at my age?

  • To reconnect with kids and grandkids and long-lost school friends.
    The entire repository of global human knowledge is waiting for you without having to leave your favourite chair.
    Save money shopping online and booking your own travel and hotel accommodations.
    Write your memoirs or that novel.
    Digitalize, immortalize, fix and shareyour old photos.
    Remaster and regain all your old lost music from those crackly old vinyl LP’s.
  • Connect with others with similar interests all over the world instantly.
    Find online “pen pals” all over the world.
    Read dozens of free online newspapers from all around the world in every language FOR FREE.
    Get the news you don’t hear about from mainstream sources.
    Join discussion groups and knowledge-sharing for every imaginable topic and interest.
  • Research your family tree online.
  • Buy gifts that are so unusual and unique no one even knew they existed.
    Shop globally and find that you’ve always wanted but could never find.

To answer any question you’ve ever had that starts with…

  • I wonder why…?
  • I wonder how…?
  • I wonder where…?
  • I wonder if I can…?
  • I wonder who…?
  • Where can I get the best Paua…?
  • How do I…?