3. What does it mean? We Specialize in Seniors!

  • Despite how the impressive skills of those younger might make you feel, seniors are definitely not dumb or slow.
  • Quite the opposite. But they do learn things differently because they are learning it deeper than those younger who just soak it up quickly like sponges without questioning along the way and fitting in each new concept with knowledge already learned at each step.
  • By linking each step we’ll teach you about computers with some stuff you already know and experiences you already have just from living in the world, we can help with understanding new concepts easily and make it actually fun, interesting and enjoyable to learn computers.
    Once this intuitive foundation of understanding is built, it’s then much easier and faster and longer-lasting to hang the details of skills on the strong structure created than simply trying to memorize a series of steps and retain them. By taking a little time beforehand to learn concepts and form some general understanding of what’s going on when you do things, not only do you learn “deeper” but you can then be independent in your learning new things that might interest you in future. PLUS, it becomes interesting and enjoyable to learn.
  • Our philosophy is that it is NOT the case that only a beginning level of understanding is necessary to teach basic skills. Quite the opposite. Our trainers must understand concepts thoroughly and at a high level in order to clearly and simply communicate concepts to those who are just beginning to learn.
  • It is not a “sledge hammer to swat a mosquito” approach to hire a tutor with qualifications proven to be marketable in the industry. In fact, we’ve found it’s what’s required in order to have the level of success that we do when all else has failed for a client still eager to learn.