7. How much does it cost for In-Home Tutoring?

Our patient, focused,  but respectful (and yes, even fun!) approach gets results in much faster time than you’d imagine.

This, of course, depends entirely on how quickly you pick things up, but remember, we specialize in teaching those who have had difficulty picking up technology until now.

We’ll know much better after we meet with you to give you some idea of our recommendation specifically for you and your skill level.

Call us now and book an introductory greet and meet free 30 minute lesson to try us out. Then decide whether you think we’d be the ones to help get you to where you want to be.

There is a sliding scale on our services, so the more hours you book in advance, the greater the value we are able to offer. Our services are a maximum of $89 per hour which occurs only when you book only a single hour of time.

We do have a six-hour lesson package that suits the needs of most clients at $55 per hour.