6. How is Kiwi PC Help Better Than Taking A Course In My Community?

Kiwi PC Help

  • You only spend time and money learning to do those things you want to be able to do on a computer.
    You don’t need to leave your home and go out in the evening. We’ll come to you at a time during the day when it’s convenient for you and you feel up to learning new things.
    You don’t miss a topic or task if you need to miss a lesson. Simply give us 24 hours notice, and we’ll just pick up where you left off previously.
    You proceed at your own pace, taking as much time as you need to learn what you want to be able to do and not moving on until you say you’re comfortable doing so.
    You relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home while learning.
    You purchase a discounted block of lessons and can continue for as long as you need to until you’re happy you’ve learned to do everything you’d like to be able to do on a computer.
    All the “right there beside you” time you need so that you don’t get frustrated and give up before you can do what you’d like to.
    Every hour is 60 minutes of learning and working every minute just with YOU so you learn what you want to usually in MUCH less total time and therefore often spend less than a course that doesn’t even end up producing the same results for you.
    We gear how and what we teach to older adults and the way that older adults learn based on principles of adult education and our own experience.
    We TEACH the way YOU like to learn in the way that has produced results for YOU and only make profit when our students actually learn and refer others to us.
    A “task-oriented” approach where YOU design the course by listing what you’d like to be able to DO.
    We can set up your home computer with any assistive devices you might need in order to be able to easily and comfortably learn and always do whatever you’d like to on your computer.
    Sitting on a different computer than the one at home without the big screens and text-magnifying software, big-key simplified keyboards, text-to-voice and voice-to-text products that we offer to those who need them.
    Customer service. Customer service. Customer service.Have you called a school lately?

Community Course

  • You risk spending time and money learning things you may have zero interest in.
    You have to get ready and go out in the evening on someone else’s timetable and learn what they want when they happen to offer it at their convenience.
    Miss a lesson and risk falling behind the rest of the class or risk missing out on learning the main thing you wanted to learn how to do when you signed.
    Going at a pace much slower or much faster than what you’d like.
    Perhaps feeling somewhat uncomfortable sitting in a classroom with a bunch of know-it-all-techno-kids perhaps impatiently showing you disrespect for what you don’t know.
    Giving up a large chunk of money and several weekday nights or Saturdays only to find at the end of the course that you still can’t do what you wanted to learn.
    Being just one of many people needing an instructor’s attention for the smallest thing at any given moment.
    Every hour wastes a good percentage of your time with irrelevancies, review of things you are already comfortable with, or (worse) confusion about things you haven’t yet been able to grasp because the instructor is focused on teaching the whole group.
    Unless the course is, like ours, geared specifically to adults, they teach the way school-age kids learn in order to maximize their profit.
    They teach the way that processes the most students at once to maximize their profit.
    A pre-designed set of knowledge based on what someone else thinks you should KNOW.