5. How long does it take to learn the basic things most people like to do?

This clearly will vary from person to person based on a wide number of factors. Although it’s not even required that you know how to use a mouse or even that you’ve sat at a computer before, if you’ve done so, certainly will speed things up.

For most people with some computer skills (no matter how meagre). The 6-hour plan is recommended and we find it suits most people’s needs.

If you’re not yet comfortable with using a mouse or keyboard, then the 8-hour plan is strongly recommended for you to have enough time to complete every skill you’re likely to want.

That being said, we are about YOUR needs and we are ALWAYS flexible.

Here’s the Lesson Plan we try and keep to. We are more than happy to let you be the boss and just watch you and help, but we find it’s more productive (and therefore better for you) if we
have some structure to the process and try to set some goals.

We find the following rough guidelines help to maintain focus and offer the best chance of success. If and only if it suits your needs, we’ll try to stick to the following:

  • Hour One: Getting To Know Your Computer

    Hour Two: Microsoft Windows Operating System

    Hour Four: The Internet

    Hour Five: Email and Attachments

    Hour Three: Basic Microsoft Word

    Hour Six: Cleaning and Maintaining Your Computer (a practical lesson that will actually improve your computer’s performance that day)