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FAQ - Welcome to Kiwi Personal Computer Help!


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1. Why Kiwi PC Help?

  • Patient, respectful, reliable,
    results-oriented tutoring right in your own home on your own computer!
  • We SPECIALIZE in Seniors, Gray Power Members and other Beginners! Adults may be slower to pick up new things than kids with young minds built to pick up languages like sponges, but we find that’s because as they go, adults are taking time along the way to compare what they’re learning into what they already know to see if and how it fits. As a result, older adults don’t learn things slower, they learn them deeper. And that’s how we teach. By focusing on understanding, not memorizing.
  • We’re so confident you’ll learn with us, on request our first 30 minute introductory lesson is always free (or maybe a small coffee.) so everyone can afford to try us out. Just ask. Unfortunately though, we can’t combine more than one of our value offers.
  • We offer $45 package pricing for blocks of lessons as well as our 55 single-hour rate for those who need just a one-hour refresher or Q & A lesson.
  • Current and past clients get “owner-only” personal service unless you say otherwise. You get your very own Personal IT Coach. We have instructors to meet every need.
  • We not only allow but encourage note-taking during your lesson so you only need to be shown each thing you’d like to do once, saving you money and allowing you always reference later what you’ve learned. (sometimes we even take the notes for you)
  • We are very local and only cover the Paraparaumu area and are a green company where pactical, we either walk or cycle to you your place.

2. Why do I want to learn, how to use a computer at my age?

  • To reconnect with kids and grandkids and long-lost school friends.
    The entire repository of global human knowledge is waiting for you without having to leave your favourite chair.
    Save money shopping online and booking your own travel and hotel accommodations.
    Write your memoirs or that novel.
    Digitalize, immortalize, fix and shareyour old photos.
    Remaster and regain all your old lost music from those crackly old vinyl LP’s.
  • Connect with others with similar interests all over the world instantly.
    Find online “pen pals” all over the world.
    Read dozens of free online newspapers from all around the world in every language FOR FREE.
    Get the news you don’t hear about from mainstream sources.
    Join discussion groups and knowledge-sharing for every imaginable topic and interest.
  • Research your family tree online.
  • Buy gifts that are so unusual and unique no one even knew they existed.
    Shop globally and find that you’ve always wanted but could never find.

To answer any question you’ve ever had that starts with…

  • I wonder why…?
  • I wonder how…?
  • I wonder where…?
  • I wonder if I can…?
  • I wonder who…?
  • Where can I get the best Paua…?
  • How do I…?

3. What does it mean? We Specialize in Seniors!

  • Despite how the impressive skills of those younger might make you feel, seniors are definitely not dumb or slow.
  • Quite the opposite. But they do learn things differently because they are learning it deeper than those younger who just soak it up quickly like sponges without questioning along the way and fitting in each new concept with knowledge already learned at each step.
  • By linking each step we’ll teach you about computers with some stuff you already know and experiences you already have just from living in the world, we can help with understanding new concepts easily and make it actually fun, interesting and enjoyable to learn computers.
    Once this intuitive foundation of understanding is built, it’s then much easier and faster and longer-lasting to hang the details of skills on the strong structure created than simply trying to memorize a series of steps and retain them. By taking a little time beforehand to learn concepts and form some general understanding of what’s going on when you do things, not only do you learn “deeper” but you can then be independent in your learning new things that might interest you in future. PLUS, it becomes interesting and enjoyable to learn.
  • Our philosophy is that it is NOT the case that only a beginning level of understanding is necessary to teach basic skills. Quite the opposite. Our trainers must understand concepts thoroughly and at a high level in order to clearly and simply communicate concepts to those who are just beginning to learn.
  • It is not a “sledge hammer to swat a mosquito” approach to hire a tutor with qualifications proven to be marketable in the industry. In fact, we’ve found it’s what’s required in order to have the level of success that we do when all else has failed for a client still eager to learn.

4. Who gives the lessons and how do I know I’m getting good value?

Your lessons will be delivered by the Owner, where practical , Andray Ochkas who:

  • has a Certificate in Engineering from Wellington Polytechic.
    has 30+ years industry and tutoring experience serving all levels of clients imaginable .
    had a life style change and resently setup 3 Corporations in Denver USA.
    passionately believes in accessibility of education and life-long learning and the cause of bringing basic computer skills to absolute beginners with QUALITY instruction and the VERY BEST in TASK-FOCUSED training geared to the way ADULTS want to learn.
    can translate all that computer-jargan �into language you will easily understand and link each step to things you already know just from living life on the planet.
    cares about seeing your success as much as you do as your success in achieving your goals is exactly aligned with ours.
    can’t wait to meet you and get started!

5. How long does it take to learn the basic things most people like to do?

This clearly will vary from person to person based on a wide number of factors. Although it’s not even required that you know how to use a mouse or even that you’ve sat at a computer before, if you’ve done so, certainly will speed things up.

For most people with some computer skills (no matter how meagre). The 6-hour plan is recommended and we find it suits most people’s needs.

If you’re not yet comfortable with using a mouse or keyboard, then the 8-hour plan is strongly recommended for you to have enough time to complete every skill you’re likely to want.

That being said, we are about YOUR needs and we are ALWAYS flexible.

Here’s the Lesson Plan we try and keep to. We are more than happy to let you be the boss and just watch you and help, but we find it’s more productive (and therefore better for you) if we
have some structure to the process and try to set some goals.

We find the following rough guidelines help to maintain focus and offer the best chance of success. If and only if it suits your needs, we’ll try to stick to the following:

  • Hour One: Getting To Know Your Computer

    Hour Two: Microsoft Windows Operating System

    Hour Four: The Internet

    Hour Five: Email and Attachments

    Hour Three: Basic Microsoft Word

    Hour Six: Cleaning and Maintaining Your Computer (a practical lesson that will actually improve your computer’s performance that day)


6. How is Kiwi PC Help Better Than Taking A Course In My Community?

Kiwi PC Help

  • You only spend time and money learning to do those things you want to be able to do on a computer.
    You don’t need to leave your home and go out in the evening. We’ll come to you at a time during the day when it’s convenient for you and you feel up to learning new things.
    You don’t miss a topic or task if you need to miss a lesson. Simply give us 24 hours notice, and we’ll just pick up where you left off previously.
    You proceed at your own pace, taking as much time as you need to learn what you want to be able to do and not moving on until you say you’re comfortable doing so.
    You relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home while learning.
    You purchase a discounted block of lessons and can continue for as long as you need to until you’re happy you’ve learned to do everything you’d like to be able to do on a computer.
    All the “right there beside you” time you need so that you don’t get frustrated and give up before you can do what you’d like to.
    Every hour is 60 minutes of learning and working every minute just with YOU so you learn what you want to usually in MUCH less total time and therefore often spend less than a course that doesn’t even end up producing the same results for you.
    We gear how and what we teach to older adults and the way that older adults learn based on principles of adult education and our own experience.
    We TEACH the way YOU like to learn in the way that has produced results for YOU and only make profit when our students actually learn and refer others to us.
    A “task-oriented” approach where YOU design the course by listing what you’d like to be able to DO.
    We can set up your home computer with any assistive devices you might need in order to be able to easily and comfortably learn and always do whatever you’d like to on your computer.
    Sitting on a different computer than the one at home without the big screens and text-magnifying software, big-key simplified keyboards, text-to-voice and voice-to-text products that we offer to those who need them.
    Customer service. Customer service. Customer service.Have you called a school lately?

Community Course

  • You risk spending time and money learning things you may have zero interest in.
    You have to get ready and go out in the evening on someone else’s timetable and learn what they want when they happen to offer it at their convenience.
    Miss a lesson and risk falling behind the rest of the class or risk missing out on learning the main thing you wanted to learn how to do when you signed.
    Going at a pace much slower or much faster than what you’d like.
    Perhaps feeling somewhat uncomfortable sitting in a classroom with a bunch of know-it-all-techno-kids perhaps impatiently showing you disrespect for what you don’t know.
    Giving up a large chunk of money and several weekday nights or Saturdays only to find at the end of the course that you still can’t do what you wanted to learn.
    Being just one of many people needing an instructor’s attention for the smallest thing at any given moment.
    Every hour wastes a good percentage of your time with irrelevancies, review of things you are already comfortable with, or (worse) confusion about things you haven’t yet been able to grasp because the instructor is focused on teaching the whole group.
    Unless the course is, like ours, geared specifically to adults, they teach the way school-age kids learn in order to maximize their profit.
    They teach the way that processes the most students at once to maximize their profit.
    A pre-designed set of knowledge based on what someone else thinks you should KNOW.


7. How much does it cost for In-Home Tutoring?

Our patient, focused,  but respectful (and yes, even fun!) approach gets results in much faster time than you’d imagine.

This, of course, depends entirely on how quickly you pick things up, but remember, we specialize in teaching those who have had difficulty picking up technology until now.

We’ll know much better after we meet with you to give you some idea of our recommendation specifically for you and your skill level.

Call us now and book an introductory greet and meet free 30 minute lesson to try us out. Then decide whether you think we’d be the ones to help get you to where you want to be.

There is a sliding scale on our services, so the more hours you book in advance, the greater the value we are able to offer. Our services are a maximum of $89 per hour which occurs only when you book only a single hour of time.

We do have a six-hour lesson package that suits the needs of most clients at $55 per hour.

8. I have a computer, but it needs upgrading and/or troubleshooting.

We are Computer Support Specialists with 30 years experience in IT.

You can call us to upgrade, install, configure, or maintain your computer after your lesson and we offer those services at a substantially discounted rate to our tutoring clients when performed in the same visit as a lesson on a computer that’s already working. For students signing up for a package, servicing can be done on site and we teach what we do to help you understand the problem.

9. Do I even need to own a computer to take lessons?


If you don’t yet have a computer and let us know in advance we can bring a laptop to your first couple of lessons so you can experience with certainty how easy it will be to learn through us before committing to the extent of investing in buying a computer